Our Story

Dr Edwin Land's simple vision, when he created the Polaroid camera, was to create: 

“A camera so natural to use it would create new intimacy …..

nothing between the perception of the scene and capturing it”

At, we have vowed to preserve this intimacy and to pass it on to you. We also strive to transmit our collective know-how of Polaroid and film to anyone who is interesting.

Our online store provides a huge range of 35 mm, 110, 120 films. Of course, as we specialise in this medium, we stock the widest range of Polaroid films for nearly all existing Polaroid camera models.

We have a wide range of both generic and specialised film types, from standard The Impossible Project 600 and Sx70 Colour films and The Impossible Project 600 and Sx70 Black and White (B&W) films to the limited edition TIP Limited Edition released films. These will give you a range of unique and inimitable results when you shoot in different lighting conditions. 

We understand that beginning entirely anew, or returning to your film photography journey could be difficult, especially considering the overwhelming amount of Polaroid and film cameras there are to choose from, not to mention the range of Polaroid, 35 mm, 110, 120 and large format films there are to choose from. We aim to be there to guide you; to ease your transition into using Polaroid and film formats, making your experience as enjoyable as we know it can be. We are available for consultation about the operational condition of your Polaroid or film camera, free of charge, and to advise on suitable film formats and their operation.

The digital format has revolutionised the way in which we photograph, making it possible to shoot at a giddying pace and to preserve almost infinite images. However, something of the magic gets lost in this endless accumulation of imagery. We often shoot without thinking, and forget to return to these throwaway images, overwhelmed by the daunting task of trawling through an endless barrage of images for that one perfect shot. At Film Never Die, we aim to help our customers slow down the frantic pace of modern life, even just for a second. Shooting film encourages you to pause, compose, think, and then click, finding value in each image, and in the way you approach your vision of the world.

Starting modestly with an on-line store, and our business has grown to include a small gallery, and a brick-and-mortar shop (literally!) in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia

The journey has begun, I urge you to get on board. So come in and say g'day!





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